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I love what I do! I started my accounting career by taking on the accounting and administration of a small business that I co-owned at the time. There were International clients which helped develop my skills and comprehension of the industry quickly. My personal experience with accounting firms prior to taking over this part of my business was expensive and frustrating; I was paying for information that I didn’t understand and this information was being delivered too late to act on. Not seeing the value, I decided to fill the gap and attend the accounting needs for my business myself. After taking a beginner class, I was hooked. I dove into the field of accounting head-first, and have since continued my education with CGA courses and classes offered through the Association of Tax and Accounting Professionals (ATAP Canada).

However, I ran into more frustration. My work at different Regina accounting firms allowed me to grow my skills and knowledge, but they were only concerned with billable time and bottom lines. Not addressing the issues I had become an accountant to correct. While I was able to learn corporate tax returns and policy—which I love—as well as train new bookkeepers and create internal procedures, I wanted to develop client relationships. I also had different ideas about billing as I do not believe in billing clients for time spent training employees or for correcting errors made by the firm. As such, I do not use those practices. 

I founded KB Accounting Services Inc. in 2010 and incorporated in 2013. I have degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Regina, and am a member of ATAP Canada. With almost a decade of experience behind me, I attend the latest tax seminars for both personal and corporate taxes and continue to learn how best I can serve my clients and most recently completed a seminar through ATAP's Knowledge Bureau.

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