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Hi, I’m Kim and I love my work!

I started my career completing degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Regina. I wanted to become a criminal profiler. But—life—introduced me to a different line of work that I was more passionate about.

Three years later, I was a co-owner of a geological thin preparation lab in northern rural Saskatchewan. The lab grew an international reputation for superior processing of meteorites and polishing techniques. My role was accounting and administration of the company. This was my first introduction to cost accounting and I still have an attachment to it.

Self-employment taught me a tremendous amount in areas such as cash flow, management, human resources and administration. I can appreciate the stress and fear many new business owners experience! During these years, my accounting education came from reading accounting textbooks cover to cover. I was hooked! Later, I enrolled in the Certified General Accounting Program and spent countless hours completing the correspondence classes at my kitchen table after the kids were in bed.

Fast-forward 15 years and I relocated back to my hometown, Regina. Over the next few years I worked my way up the accounting ranks. Starting as a bookkeeper at different accounting firms, I then became a controller for a manufacturing company and finally accepted a Jr. Accountant position at another firm. As a Jr. Accountant, I was able to apply my education and skills in the corporate accounting and tax planning. I oversaw the training of new bookkeepers and developed the in-house bookkeeping policies and procedures. As time passed, I became frustrated in this position despite the vast corporate knowledge and skill set I was developing. I was frustrated by the inability to develop relationships with my clients. It was all about billable time. I felt that the role of an accountant was to assist business owners in growing their businesses – educating them on what their numbers meant in a timely manner (rather than a review six months after the year). I yearned to be able to provide guidance and insight that I believe is imperative for any business owner to make decisions.

KB Accounting Services Inc. was established in 2010. It has grown from a one-woman operation to one that now employs several qualified and skilled individuals. I am proud of our team. I pride myself that KB Accounting Services Inc. is approachable and that we develop relationships with our clients.

It is our goal to provide exceptional service at affordable prices. To accomplish this, I and the staff are always upgrading our knowledge of tax changes both at the personal and corporate level. We attend tax seminars offered through various institutions including the Association of Tax & Accounting Practitioners (ATAP) and the Knowledge Bureau. We always use the latest software and upgrade our skills accordingly.

I wanted KB Accounting Services Inc.’s website to be another easy tool for our clients to use in hopes of minimizing daily stressors they face. Personal taxes and forms can be submitted through the website, plus we recently introduced our “new” payroll portal. This portal reduces our clients administrative time and increases their record retention requirements.

Welcome to KB Accounting Services Inc.


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